How To Become a Forklift Truck Driver

The career of a forklift driver can be a very lucrative one, on average paying around $15 an hour.Usually forklift drivers are found in warehouses or anywhere heavy material needs to be moved. Like many job positions, there are fewer spots for applicants to forklift driving, so if this is the career path for you, it is important to take advantage of it now while you can.

Forklift Driver: Job description

Forklift drivers operate a heavy duty machine that is designed to pick up heavy objects. Many forklift operators still have to lift things, since the forklift can’t pick up everything. This job can prove to be very difficult, and the operator needs to be in good shape to do this. Most forklift driver positions are usually night shifts. Being a forklift driver is a dangerous job, since you are operating heavy machinery, so the proper qualifications have to be admitted.

What You Need to Become a Forklift Driver: Qualifications

Most employers will require you be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. In order to become a qualified forklift driver, the OSHA requires, you must obtain a certificate to forklift. There are training classes and schools to get your certificate. If you are already employed in an industry that has forklift driver positions, they may likely have a training program and a school for you to get your forklift operator certificate. There are many driving schools available to take the test to be certified if your employer doesn’t offer one or you are simply starting from scratch. Type in the search on a computer and you will find some in your area.

Careers in Forklift Driving

Although forklift driving itself is a difficult job, it can be a rewarding one. Many forklift drivers can earn up to $20 an hour or more with time. Forklift drivers are reviewed about once every three years. If you wish to move up, this job is a perfect starting point to move up to management.

Forklift Driving Safety

It is important to listen to the training, and follow all direction. Since you are operating heavy machinery, there can be accidents if not operated properly. Taking safety precautions is important, and will help you maintain your employment as a forklift operator and more importantly keep everyone safe. To be a successful forklift driver, you must follow all rules, examine the equipment necessary before use, and be qualified to drive a forklift.

Forklift driving is a great way to expand yourself in other career positions in your field of work. If you are a beginner, it can be a great start with higher than average pay. This job position is perfect for physically fit individuals, willing to work in any kind of weather conditions, operate heavy machinery, work night shifts if necessary, and do some lifting. If this sounds like you, then you may just be qualified for the position. It is very important to remember that there are not many positions, so do a search in your area as soon as possible to see if there are any available.

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