Driving In Ireland – Touring Tips

Driving is a privilege that we take for granted until something goes wrong.An accident can happen any where in the world so car insurance is a necessity for local residents and travellers alike.

When traveling in a foreign country renting a car can cause some headaches as insurance is mandatory. To use a World Mastercard requires a letter from the credit company in most cases.

In Ireland a deposit of 2,000 euro is necessary but refunded on the return of the car in good condition.

Researching the local road rules and expectations can be helpful should you need to make an insurance claim.

  1.  Driving in Ireland is done on the left-hand side.
  2.  All adults must wear seat belts and children must be suitably restrained.

National Speed Limits

  •  55 MPH is the national speed limit.
  •  70 MPH on the motorways.
  •  30 MPH in towns and built up areas.
  •  Legal blood alcohol level is 0.08.

In Ireland the country roads are narrow and winding with cows, sheep and domestic pets wandering freely which needs more attention while driving.

There is an old saying ” You don’t go to Ireland for the weather.”

  •  Typical summer weather is 60° – 70° F ( 16° – 21° C )
  •  Typical winter weather is 40° – 50° F ( 4° – 10° C )

It rains a lot but seldom snows. Storms from the Atlantic Ocean can blow in suddenly and cause poor visibility whilst driving. Country roads are not well signed, directional road signs are usually a single post with multiple arrows often broken or facing the wrong way. It is useful to carry the 051 mapbook and be sure to have enough gas as rural areas do not have many places to fill up.

Preparing your car for the trip ahead is one of the most important things you can do. Check the tyres and the anti-freeze in the radiator, make sure the windscreen is clean and the wipers work well. Also check the brakes and lights. An emergency kit containing the following items, de-icer, a scraper, demisting cloth, flashlight and spare batteries, water and sand or similar as a friction aid is a good idea. Being prepared for the unexpected as well as the expected will make for a wonderful holiday.

As in most places in the world, Ireland, has many and varied insurance companies and brokers so there is a policy available for just about everyone.

Enjoy the traveling, drive to the conditions and be safe.

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